Zomato stopped 10 minute delivery service in these cities

Zomato stopped 10 minute delivery service in these cities

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Food aggregator Zomato has shut down its 10-minute delivery service a year after launching it as a pilot project in Bengaluru, Gurugram and some areas of Delhi. From January 1, the ordering app Tatkal Delivery has been discontinued. However, a company spokesperson said on Monday, “Instant delivery is not being discontinued. All finishing stations remain intact and no one is affected by this decision.”

Now the company’s focus is on low-value packed meals including thani or combo mills. The new service can be launched in 7 to 10 days. Let us tell you that in March 2022, Zomato announced plans to start an instant-10-minute food delivery service. Small hubs or stations operating mini assembly kitchens were created for restaurant partners to fulfill orders on time.

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Zomato’s move to foray into instant delivery was inspired by a consumer preference. This was revealed by Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal in a blogpost last March. People aware of Zomato’s plans said it had set up only five food stations so far, but could not scale it up.

giants leaving zomato

The company’s co-founder and chief technology officer resigned earlier this month. Co-founder Mohit Gupta left the food-tech company in November. Rahul Ganju, the head of the new initiative, left the company in November. Zomato’s Vice President of Global Growth Siddharth Jhawar also resigned in the same month.


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