Where did the investigation reach in the Shraddha murder case? Investigation going on for about 20 days – News X

Where did the investigation reach in the Shraddha murder case?  Investigation going on for about 20 days
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Where did the investigation reach in the Shraddha murder case?

Shraddha Murder Case: It has been more than 20 days since the investigation of the Shraddha murder case started, but there is still a lot of evidence which is yet to be found. Whether Aftab is telling the truth or lying, the police’s interrogation was not enough, so the police first got Aftab’s polygraphy test done after taking permission from the court. Polygraphy means ‘lie detector test’ which makes it scientifically easy to find out whether the accused is telling the truth or lying. This test has been completed on Monday and now it is the turn of Aftab’s narco test. The police also want to complete the investigation of this case soon, so in order to expedite Aftab’s narco test, the police sought permission to conduct Aftab’s narco test on December 1 by filing an application in the court, and the court also gave permission to the Delhi Police. . Now Aftab’s narco test will be done on December 1 i.e. Thursday at Ambedkar Hospital in Delhi.

The police hope that during the narco test, Aftab can reveal such a secret, which will make it easier for the police to recover, that is, from the remaining body parts, Shraddha’s mobile phone, many important evidences can be found by the police after the narco. And if the recovery done after narco takes place, then it can become the biggest evidence against Aftab in front of the court.

What has been the recovery so far?

In the Shraddha murder case, the police have recovered 13 body bones, jaw from Mehrauli Chhatarpur forest on Aftab’s trail.

Police have recovered blood stains from Aftab’s flat i.e. blood stains from kitchen, bathroom and bedroom i.e. evidence of murder has been found in the whole house.

Police have also recovered some parts of the body from Gurugram.

Police have found some clothes of Aftab and Shraddha.

The police have also recovered some weapons from the flat and the forest, which have been sent to CFSL for investigation, only after the report will it be known which weapon was used in the incident.

Bones, clothes, traces of blood that have been found, are all these evidences of Shraddha only, they can be proved only when the police get the report from CFSL. It may still take about a week for the CFSL report to arrive.

This is the evidence with the police

Only Aftab and Shraddha were present in the flat.

Dropping food orders after a murder.

Shraddha’s mobile location found in Chhatarpur flat

Finding traces of blood from three places in the house

Suspicious searching on the internet after the murder

Deletion of past history from the Internet.

Why is CFSL report important?

Was this murder done by Aftab, was Shraddha killed in this flat on May 18 itself, did the DNA match with the recovered bones and Shraddha’s father’s blood? All these things can be clearly placed in the court with evidence only when all the reports from CFSL are received by the police. Because neither the police found the body nor the postmortem took place in this case after the murder that happened 6 months ago, it is difficult to decide when and where the murder took place. As of now everything is going on the statements of Aftab which have no value in the court.

Is Aftab’s suspicion the reason for the murder?

Investigation has revealed that Aftab and Shraddha had decided to separate on May 3, 4. Both were not able to understand each other, so the decision was taken to separate from both of them, but during interrogation, Aftab told that he suspected that if Shraddha did not go to someone else, he strangled Shraddha to death in anger. Took it into pieces and then gradually put them in hiding place till October.

Delhi Police has asked for all the details about the accounts of both of them from Paytm, Bumble, Facebook, Instagram, out of which some apps have shared some information with Delhi Police.

According to police sources, Badri, a resident of Delhi in Himachal, had helped the two get a flat in Chhatarpur, but his suspicious activities have not come to the fore so far. Badri’s statement has been recorded by the police.

According to Delhi Police sources, whenever the police interrogate him, he looks very confident and answers very fast. Most of the answers are given in English. According to police sources, Aftab is very clever, he knows how to lie and keeps telling the same lie again and again.

Along with this, it has also been found from the investigation that this is not a sudden murder, but Aftab has carried out this incident after a long planning. In a statement given to the police, Aftab told that he killed Shraddha between 8 and 10 am on May 18, and after the murder, ordered food from Jameto and ate it, and after May 18, the quantity of food he ordered from Jameto decreased. It was done.

The doctor who used to come to Aftab’s house after the murder, is being treated as a victim by the police. That girl is also in shock that Aftab, with whom she befriended on the online dating app, has killed a girl in this way and even during the meeting, there were pieces of Shraddha at Aftab’s house, which she did not know about. The statement of this doctor has also been recorded by the police.

Aftab went to Mumbai several times after the incident but he did not inform his parents about Shraddha’s murder, so no role of Aftab’s parents has come to the fore in the police investigation.

Shraddha’s father’s statement has been recorded in the DCP office yesterday. In this case, it has been a big negligence of the Mumbai Police to give late information to the Delhi Police, due to which all the evidence has not been collected so far.

Now on December 1, Aftab’s narco test will be done. Narco and polygraphy test reports and evidence reports sent to CFSL will take the case forward.

The team of best officers of Delhi Police is working day and night to work out this case. It is clear in the investigation of the police that Aftab killed Shraddha in this flat and cut her body into pieces and hid her, but now the police wants to prove all these things in the investigation in a scientific way in the court so that the rarest case Aftab can be taken to the gallows by proving it.

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