vivek agnihotri shows his anger with video on iffi the kashmir files controversy and israeli filmmaker nadav lapid – News X

vivek agnihotri shows his anger with video on iffi the kashmir files controversy and israeli filmmaker nadav lapid
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IFFI creates ruckus after Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s statement on The Kashmir Files. Movie director Vivek Agnihotri has now broken the silence on this controversy. Vivek has expressed his displeasure by sharing the video. He has targeted the statement of Nadav Lapid, who is also the chairman of the IFFI jury. Also questioned the Indian people supporting him. Vivek Agnihotri has challenged that if someone proves that whatever he showed in the film was not true, then he will stop making films. Let us inform that on Monday, at the closing ceremony of the International Film Festival of India, Nadav described the film The Kashmir File as vulgar and propaganda. Since then reactions of actors, politicians and diplomats are coming on this matter.

Supported on the platform of Government of India…

Vivek captioned the video, “Those who support terror and deny genocide can never pacify me.” Jai Hind. Vivek says in the video, Friends, at IFFI Goa, the chairman of the jury said that The Kashmir Files is a vulgar and propaganda film. This is nothing new for me. All the terrorist organizations, urban naxals and people who want to break India into pieces keep talking like this. But it is very surprising to me that the narrative of terrorist people who want to separate Kashmir from India was supported on the platform of Government of India, organized by Government of India. And on that matter many people living in India used it against India. The Kashmir Files controversy escalates, complaint filed against Israeli filmmaker

Yasin Malik confessed the crime

Who are those people after all? These are the same people, who have been calling it propaganda ever since the research for Kashmir files was started. This film has been made after personal interviews of 700 people. Are those 700 people whose parents, brothers and sisters were publicly killed, gang-raped, divided into two pieces, are they all talking propaganda and obscene things. Hindus are not living there which used to be completely Hindu land. Even today in that land, Hindus are killed selectively in front of your eyes, is this propaganda and obscene thing? Yasin Malik is rotting in jail after confessing his terror crimes, is that propaganda and obscene talk? Friends, the question that always arises about The Kashmir Files is that it is a propaganda film.

Vivek Agnihotri gave the challenge

Meaning there never was a massacre there. Today, I challenge all the intellectuals of the world, Urban Naxals and the great filmmakers who have come from Israel, that one shot, dialogue and event of Kashmir files should prove that this is not true, otherwise I will stop making films. Friends, who are these people who always stand against India. These are the ones who did not let the truth of Mopla to come in front of anyone. The truth of Kashmir was not allowed to come out. These are the same people who were selling dead bodies during Covid. Vivek said, issue as many fatwas as you want, but I will keep fighting.


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