Viral Video: Dabang Bus Driver Brutally Thrashes Biker, Video Viral – News X

Viral Video: Dabang Bus Driver Brutally Thrashes Biker, Video Viral
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Viral: These days a video from Karnataka is going viral very fast on social media. It can be seen that the bus driver is brutally beating a man. According to media reports, the bus driver had a heated argument with the person over some issue, which later turned into a fight.

This incident is being reported on Tuesday, which took place in Yelahanka area of ​​Bangalore city of Karnataka. The victim has been identified as 44-year-old Sandeep Benefit, who was going somewhere on a motorcycle with his wife. And the bus driver was trying to overtake another bus. At the same time, the motorcycle came in the way of the bus, after which the driver got into an argument with the person. The dispute that started with an argument increased so much that it came to the point of fighting. The people present at the spot made a video of the fight and made it viral on social media.

The matter reached the police

It can be seen in the video that the driver is driving a government bus, while he is an employee of a private company. After this incident, the bus driver has been fired from the job. He is being criticized a lot on social media. It is being told that on the basis of the complaint of both the parties, the police has registered an FIR and started investigating the matter.

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Earlier the video of the bus conductor went viral

Earlier a video from Tamil Nadu went viral. In this, a bus conductor is seen pushing an inebriated person from the bus. After the impact, the victim falls on the ground from the bus and the bus moves away from the spot. Since then, social media users reacted fiercely to this video.

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