Urfi Javed reminded Chetan Bhagat of #MeToo, said- ‘Don’t promote rape culture’ – News X

Urfi Javed reminded Chetan Bhagat of #MeToo, said- ‘Don’t promote rape culture’
– News X

Mumbai: Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed is no longer dependent on any identity. With her ‘out-of-the-box’ dressing sense, she has managed to grab everyone’s attention. There are discussions between common people and celebrities. Recently, the country’s famous writer Chetan Bhagat also targeted him in a program regarding his dressing sense. Chetan Bhagat had even said that Urfi’s looks and videos are diverting the attention of the youth. Urfi did not like this statement of Chetan Bhagat at all, he has recently also reacted to the statement of the author.

After Chetan Bhagat’s statement, Urfi Javed hit back at him. He shared the post on his Instagram story and lashed out at Chetan Bhagat. He has lashed out at the author a lot. In his post, Urfi wrote- ‘When you used to message girls half your age on social media, then their clothes did not distract your attention. You are one of those humans who blame women for their every mistake.

Urfi further wrote- ‘If your thinking is bad, it does not mean that the girl’s clothes are at fault. You say that my dressing sense is distracting the attention of the young boys of the country. Wasn’t your messaging young girls distracting? Really this is utter nonsense. In the story, Urfi Javed is pointing towards the matter of Me Too case on Chetan Bhagat.

Urfi Javed’s post. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @urf7i)

Urfi further said- ‘People with a mindset like yours should stop promoting rape culture. If a man makes a mistake and a woman is blamed for it, then it has become a thing of the past in the 80s, Mr. Chetan Bhagat. As for spoiling the youth, people like you are teaching them how to blame their mistake on someone else. You are misleading the youth and not me.

What did Chetan Bhagat say
In a recent event, Chetan Bhagat advised the youth to read the book and said- ‘Today the youth are only watching Urfi Javed’s videos, liking the photos. What will you say after going to the interview, I know about Urfi’s dresses. But here Urfi is not at fault. She is making her career. But people are looking at Urfi’s photos by entering the bed. I have also come today after seeing all the photos of Urfi.

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