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UPSC Students Protest In Delhi At Midnight They Asking One Extra Attempt Due To Corona Virus – News X

UPSC Students Protest: Students preparing for UPSC came out on Tuesday night to protest for their future in the bitter cold. The students of Old Rajendra Nagar who have been protesting for the last 2 days are demanding that the government should give them an extra chance to appear in this exam. He says that due to Corona, UPSC students did not get a chance to prepare, that is why they want an extra chance.

According to the report, students in Delhi’s Old Rajendra Nagar had been continuously gathering for the last two days demanding another chance from the central government to appear in the UPSC exam. Students are constantly repeating that a lot of their time has been wasted due to Corona. He could neither do coaching properly nor could he study properly. In such a situation, they must get an extra attempt.

Everyone trusted, but the chance has not yet been found

The protesting students told that ‘we have met more than 100 MPs from different parts of the country, all of them have spoken in our favor. Apart from this, in the report of the committee on this matter, it has also been said to give opportunity to the students, but till now we have not got this additional opportunity.

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Seeing the anger of the students, the police returned

On the other hand, on Tuesday night, after getting information about the demonstration of the students preparing for UPSC, the police also reached the spot and tried to control the situation, but seeing the anger of the students, the police also had to return empty-handed. All the students have made it clear that until the central government does not accept their demand, they will continue to protest like this. During the demonstration on Tuesday, students preparing for UPSC had gathered from Old Rajendra Nagar, Mukherjee Nagar, Munirka and many other places.

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