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Twitter users slammed TV actress Divyanka Tripathi as she calls earthquake exciting on her Instagram Stories – Entertainment News India

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TV actress Divyanka Tripathi is getting trolled a lot because of one of her videos. Divyanka Tripathi remains active on social media and often keeps her point. In such a situation, when earthquake tremors were felt in some parts of the country recently, Divyanka Tripathi also reacted to it. Divyanka shared a video and described the earthquake as exciting, due to which she got trolled a lot.

What is Divyanka’s video
After the earthquake, Divyanka had shared a video on social media. In the video shared by Divyanka on Insta Story, she is saying- ‘It is very exciting because I am feeling the first earthquake of my life. I am currently in Chandigarh and here everyone has come down from the street. It’s exciting, for now, until more happens.

Divyanka trolled
This video of Divyanka has gone viral in no time, after which she was trolled a lot. When social media users asked Divyanka to use her mind, someone said that money makes a person mad. At the same time, many such comments were made for Divya. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, there was an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude in North India, whose tremors were felt around Delhi for a few seconds. Many people came out of their homes and buildings during the tremors of the earthquake.



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