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tunisha sharma death news special conversation with actor Tunisha mama complete investigation stuck sheezan khan

Image Source : Tunisha Sharma
Tunisha Sharma Case Update

At present, there is a stir in the whole country regarding the TV famous actress Tunisha Sharma suicide case. The family members of the actress have made many allegations against Sheejan till now. It is alleged that Sheejan was harassing Tunisha, due to which she took such a step. The actress committed suicide as the investigation is on. Many big revelations are happening one after the other in the Tunisha death mystery. Tunisha’s mother has made many claims, this time Tunisha’s maternal uncle has said something for Sheejan’s family.

Tunisha’s maternal uncle said- ‘I have known Tunisha’s family for the last 8 years since she came to Mumbai. Vanita Sharma ties me a rakhi, so I don’t need to prove anything to anyone that what is my relation with Tunisha’s family. Sheezan Khan’s family is completely panicked hence making any allegations. I am not Tunisha’s manager, I am a film producer and director myself, what do I need to become Tunisha’s manager.’

Tunisha’s maternal uncle says- ‘Sheejan’s family is accusing Sanjeev Goyal of having a relationship with Tunisha’s mother. He is from a very good family, he has a big business in Chandigarh..He is a family friend of Tunisha. Tunisha’s father’s friend, since then this is the relationship, what is the need for him or Vanita to control Tunisha’s money? Tunisha had just started getting good money. The 16 crore property of Tunisha that is being told is absolutely wrong. Sheezaan’s sister Falakh is saying that Sheezaan and Tunisha have broken up on a mutual and good note. Earlier he said that the breakup did not happen, then now it is being said that the breakup happened under the pressure of Vanita Sharma. Earlier, Sheejan’s age and Shraddha Walker’s murder have been cited as the reason for the break up. Sheezan and his family are constantly changing statements because they are lying.

In the audio clip that has been released of Tunisha, it may be that she wants to tell about Sheejan’s cheating or break up. Sheejan had called Tunisha’s mother on December 23 after Tunisha showed her friend Parth the picture of hanging. Police is still investigating this matter, I will not say much on it. Our daughter has gone away and why did Sheejan’s family give me the power of autorney. Asking this question, there is no one in the family except Tunisha’s mother and she has gone to Chandigarh for Tunisha’s funeral. Till then who would see whatever is happening in the court or police on the case? We need to know from the police that she should inform Sheejan that what happened in the last 1 hour on the sets of ‘Alibaba’, due to which Tunisha committed suicide in Sheejan’s make-up room?

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