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Image after the earthquake in Turkey (File)

New Delhi. There was also a warning of a dangerous tsunami on the coast after a severe earthquake in Turkey. Egypt’s National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) has now ruled out the possibility of a tsunami hitting Turkey and Syria after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, AlArabia News reported. While before this there was a warning of tsunami. At the same time, according to Reuters, Italy also issued a tsunami alert after a severe earthquake on the coasts of Turkey and Syria, but Italy has now withdrawn this warning.

Tsunami videos started going viral after the alert

Only after the tsunami alert was issued in Turkey and Syria, many videos started going viral on social media, in which tsunami is shown coming. In a video shared on Twitter by one such user, the earth is seen shaking first. Then in a few seconds, terrible stormy waves are seen rising in the sea. These waves swallowed hundreds of people and buildings in seconds. During the tsunami, some people around are first seen making videos, after that they can also be seen running to save their lives. But the dangerous waves of the sea swallowed many buildings and people in minutes. Although no official confirmation has been made about this video yet. The countries that issued the tsunami alert have also withdrawn the warning.

Watch viral video of Tsunami

Famous comedian Omid Jalili, who fought for women’s rights, shared this video of Tsunami. He has written that it is very frightening. This is a video of the tsunami that occurred after the earthquake. Omid wrote that after the earthquake, there were terrible tsunami waves on the Turkish coast, which caused a huge amount of devastation.

shocking video of earthquake
At the same time, a person named Piers Morgan has shared a terrible video of the earthquake, in which the earth can be seen shaking and buildings collapsing. In the video, people are seen running towards safe and open places to save their lives. In this video suddenly the earth is seen shaking. Then in seconds, one building after another is seen collapsing. After the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, many such videos are coming out on social media, which are enough to tell the story of the devastation caused by the earthquake.

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