Third edition of Present City Hall takes place in Lagomar – News X

Third edition of Present City Hall takes place in Lagomar
– News X

The Third Edition of Present City Hall will take place this Thursday (23), in the Lagomar neighborhood, from 9am to 4pm. The purpose of the project is to take the services offered by the Municipality of Macaé to the communities. Among the actions are dental treatment; HIV, Syphilis and blood glucose tests; scheduling for identity card; issuance and regularization of the SUS card; jobs; registration in the single registry, among others.

In the Health area, the Dentistry Coordination will deliver 500 brushing kits, in addition to lectures, children’s games and fluoride application in 100 people, with distribution of passwords for the morning and afternoon shifts. There will also be issuance of SUS card and registration update, promoted by the Coordination of Control and Evaluation. The Diabetic Reference Center will provide guidance on the disease and check blood glucose.

The Tuberculosis Program will be present with guidance and scheduling for evaluation. In addition, it will have activities of the IST/AIDS Program (Sexually Transmitted Infection), with a quick test.

The Coordination of the Technical Area of ​​Food and Nutrition (Catan) will provide guidance on Brazil Aid and breastfeeding. Tips on how to avoid the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue, zika and chikungunya, will be carried out by the Coordination of Environmental Surveillance and Health. The vaccine against Covid-19 will be applied to adults.

Social development
The project will also have several actions promoted by the Secretariat for Social Development, Human Rights and Accessibility: Cadastro Único – inclusion and cadastral updating services; Coordination of Access and Gender Policies – guidance and services for the LGBTI+ population and scheduling for social name rectification; Policy Coordination for the Promotion of Inclusion – guidance and services for people with disabilities; Tutelary Councils – guidance to the population, receiving complaints and requesting documents for minors; Foster Family Services and Sponsorship Program – disclosure and guidance; CRAS – Reference Center for Social Assistance – guidance on the service.

Policies for Women
The Secretariat for Policies for Women will, through Ceam Itinerante, provide welcome with psychology and legal guidance, as well as information on the protection and assistance network for women in the municipality, distribution of leaflets on Women’s Rights; Conversation Circle “Women’s Rights”, with the secretariat team; manual arts workshop with Espaço Mulher Cidadã; root braid execution service with the Jheniffer Ozório team, made up of four volunteers.

work and income
The offer of the assistance service for forwarding job openings will be promoted by the Assistant Secretariat for Labor and Income. The body will make 40 vacancies available for scheduling the issuance of first and second copies of ID.

The Sports Secretariat will shake up the space with a gym class at 10 am; cross training and recreation, from 9 am to 5 pm; and physical assessment, with the Informa project.

Professional qualification
The Assistant Secretariat for Professional Qualification will be present at the event with field research on professional courses and clarifying doubts relevant to the area.

Urban mobility
The Secretariat for Urban Mobility will promote educational actions and prevention of traffic accidents, with instruction for the entire community on precautions to avoid accidents, in addition to all traffic components and actors, including cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and motorcyclists.

Culture and Tourism
The Departments of Culture and Tourism support the project with structures and logistics. In addition, there will be a Capoeira presentation, organized by the Secretariat of Culture.

The Adjunct Secretariat for Consumer Protection and Defense (Procon) will carry out educational activities for consumers and register complaints regarding consumer relations.

Environment and Ombudsman
The Secretariat for the Environment, Sustainability and Animal Protection will display Macaé Conservation Units.
The Ombudsman will have an educational action during the event.

Economic development
The Secretariat for Economic Development will be present with services offered by Casa do Empreendedor, which aims to speed up the procedures for opening companies and obtaining their municipal operating licenses.

Decree: 145/2022
The Present City Hall has already been held in the Malvinas and Nova Holanda neighborhoods. To organize the events, Decree nº 145/2022 created the Special Commission for the implementation of the Prefecture Present in the Neighborhoods Program in the Municipality of Macaé.

The Deputy Municipal Secretary for Institutional Relations will be chaired by representatives of the following municipal bodies: Head of the Mayor’s Office; Deputy Municipal Secretariat for Institutional Relations; Adjunct Municipal Secretary of Ceremonial; Deputy Municipal Secretary of Communication; Municipal Secretary of Health; Municipal Secretary of Culture; Municipal Department of Urban Mobility; Municipal Secretary of Public Order; Municipal Secretary of Public Services; Municipal Secretary of Social Development, Human Rights and Accessibility; Municipal Secretary of Policies for Women; Municipal Secretary of Sports; Deputy Municipal Secretariat for Consumer Protection and Defense – PROCON/MACAÉ; Deputy Municipal Secretariat for Professional Qualification; Deputy Municipal Secretary of Science and Technology; Deputy Municipal Secretariat for Work and Income; and Deputy Municipal Secretary of Tourism.


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