The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 25-27 November 2022 : The Canary – News X

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 25-27 November 2022 : The Canary
– News X

What an awesome month of sunshine it has been, the Orange harvest is in full swing, and now it’s time to enjoy the last weekend of November before, Hello December!

We have one busy weekend coming up, and that most American celebration of consumerism, the so-called Black Friday, arrives once again on the island. Events to celebrate the switching on of Christmas lights have already started and will continue in various places around the island over the next week or so.

Agcocanarias Fair showcase the islands farming produce, there are concerts and a Pet Fair to happen in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Another edition of km.0 fair Gran Canaria this time taking place in Ingenio.

Operation Kilo is also on all this weekend so please consider getting a few extra items while shopping.

Upcoming bank holidays:
Tuesday 6 December – Public Holiday in Spain – Spanish Constitution Day
Thursday 8 December – Public Holiday in Spain – The Immaculate Conception
Monday 13 December – Local Holiday in Santa Lucía de Tirajana – Saint Lucy’s Day

Upcoming events:
Friday, 2 December • The famous Sand Art Nativity on Las Canteras beach opens to the public.
3-8 December • The 38th Artisan Fair of Canarias in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Sunday, 4 December • Avocado Fair Mogán
6-18 December • Patron festivities of Santa Lucía and Los Labradores
10-11 December • Christmas Market Villa de Moya


North America’s unbridled capitalism returns in the form of Black Friday – popularized in recent years in the Canary Islands it marks the starting gun for the seasonal shopping frenzy to begin with many shopaholics madly searching for the opportunity to get great deals, and (Supposedly) huge reductions on electronic goods and all sorts of other goods, primarily made up of old stock and older models. Massive discounts are on offer this Friday in many shops, shopping centers and chain stores. Some have already started with a whole week of offers.

Be advised, not everything that looks like a great deal, really is even a good deal. Think before you buy, and if there are specific items you have had your eye on, that now seems to be a much more affordable price, then by all means go get your bargain, but remember it is only stuff. By far, much more important is the feelings that you share and help create this season, nobody important in your life really needs you to spend lots of money or money you can’t afford.

The most precious gift you can give this holiday season is your time, your attention and your assistance to help those around you appreciate what they have got, and to show how much you really love them too.

If you are buying gifts; then please consider buying local, from craftspeople and small businesses, buy small, buy tokens of high esteem, reach out to people who may not be as lucky as you, and help all those around you to remember that this is a season of good will, not greed nor bad debts, not a time to blindly spend money that could be better spent on spending time with the people that count in your life. We hope you will celebrate with a real sense of wonder about how lucky you really are, especially if you get to spend this time of year with us here on Gran Canaria.


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