Scary eyes, sword-like teeth… this giant ‘demon’ of 20 feet long has a weakness – News X

Scary eyes, sword-like teeth… this giant ‘demon’ of 20 feet long has a weakness
– News X

New Delhi: Some animals in the world are so dreaded that even their picture scares them. Nile crocodile is one of them. This crocodile with big scary eyes, sharp teeth like a sword is counted among the most dangerous crawling animals in the world. It moves silently in search of food in the rivers. They can be up to 20 feet long and weigh more than a ton. If he comes in front, he will not be seen less than a ‘demon’. Read about this crocodile in ‘Jungle News’ today.

If this hunter is in the sea, he can kill anyone from hippo, deer to human by throwing them into the water. This crocodile found in Africa is called ‘man-eater’. Guess how dangerous they are, in the first 15 years of this century, American alligator and crocodile took 33 lives, then Neil made 268 people their victims. Nile crocodiles can eat any animal and human including large fish, snakes, lizard species. They have more than 80 teeth.

Be alert if you are in the water in the African country. A crocodile can swoop in from inside calm water. Sometimes an antelope (deer-like animal) forgets to enter the water. Although he is trying to cross the river while running, but if the crocodile’s eyes fall on him, then it is game over. In this video from National Geographic, watch the crocodile tear open the antelope’s stomach with its teeth. He cut the antelope’s stomach 2-3 times with big sharp teeth and the water turned red.

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The thing to note is that on seeing the crocodile’s prey, all the crocodiles around it run towards it. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for the prey to escape. Alligator teeth exert more than 5,000 pounds of pressure on a square inch of the victim’s body. Crocodile has its own style of hunting. He grabs the prey and holds it and keeps it immersed in water. In such a situation, if he does not die from the wounds of his teeth, then he dies in the water. The crocodile picks up its prey not once but several times and throws it on the water.

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Although few people would know that this crocodile also has a weakness. The muscles that open the jaw are so weak that if you show some courage, you can keep it closed.

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