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Rajesh Khanna did not get first love, his heart was badly broken, neither Anju Mahendru nor Dimple Kapadia, know who she was?

Mumbai: It is said that the first work in life is not forgotten for a lifetime. Today we will talk about that Jatin aka Rajesh Khanna who was not a superstar, but was a common teenager. Childhood was coming to an end and youth was taking its toll.. This age is such that only if a girl talks with love then life becomes beautiful, if she kisses then one can think that the boy’s There will be condition. This is a matter of the 50s. Don’t know what Rajesh was called moody, obstinate, stubborn but today let’s tell the story of the actor’s first love, which was told by Rajesh himself.

Rajesh i.e. Jatin must have been about 12 years old, he was riding a fast bicycle in the compound of his building, suddenly he lost his balance and fell down. Knee peeled, was moaning with severe pain that suddenly a girl living in her building came running, she had anti septic and cotton in her hand.

Jatin’s eyes darkened as soon as the girl kissed him.
While narrating the story of his first love to writer Rubne, Rajesh had further told that ‘that girl tore the old saree and tied a bandage on her knee, while doing so, her face came close to mine. By the time I could think, he kissed me, my eyes went dark. This was the moment when I fell in love for the first time. Returning home in the evening, kept stealing glances from Chaiji (mother). It was a strange feeling..my mind kept imagining this scene again and again. There was sweetness in this feeling as well as self-consciousness. Couldn’t understand right and wrong. The love in the eyes had started now. We started meeting, had made a plan to watch a movie one day in the afternoon. He took my hand in his hand in the darkness of the cinema hall.

Viewers were filled with hatred on seeing Bindu, Mona Darling made of Shabbo, the story is interesting

One day when I reached Surekha’s house, I lost my senses.
It was further told that ‘I could not understand what this is, I just liked meeting and talking to that girl whose name was Surekha. As soon as he came from school, he used to go to his house to tell all his things. This process continued for many days. Like everyday, one day when I reached his house after keeping my school bag at home, I was surprised because there was a big lock hanging on the door. When I could not understand, I asked a woman sitting there, I was shocked to hear what she told and tears came to my eyes.

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that girl got married
Actually, Surekha had turned 18 and the family members had taken her to the village for her marriage. Surekha never came back again. Rajesh’s face and eyes were full of pain even after telling this after years.

(Note- This information has been taken from author Yasir Usman’s book Kuch To Log Kahenge)

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