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Rajeev Sen Gets Romantic with wife Charu Asopa gave Kisses and hugs users Funnily reacts on photos

Mumbai: After seeing Sushmita Sen’s brother-in-law i.e. TV actress Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen, everyone is asking the same question and that is ‘What is going on?’ Till a few days ago, after making many serious allegations against each other, even after announcing the divorce, this couple is now together again. Together he is celebrating the birthday (Charu Asopa Birthday) and is also enjoying a lot. Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa are sharing pictures and videos of kissing and hugging together. After seeing this romantic style of both, the users are constantly asking the same question.

Actually, the marriage of Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen has been mired in controversies for a long time. The actress has already said through social media that she is going to separate from her husband i.e. Rajeev Sen. In many interviews and in her own vlogs too, she was seen talking about separation from Rajeev. Not only this, both have been living separately for a long time. The actress has taken a house on rent in Mumbai, in which she lives with her daughter.

But, now once again he has shared pictures and videos with Rajeev, after seeing which the users have also raised various questions. Both have told each other about divorce not once or twice but many times. But, even in the midst of a broken marriage, many times both were seen to be romantic. Something similar was seen on the occasion of the birthday of the actress. Seeing which people are getting confused as to what both want to do. The users are neither believing in the talk of their divorce nor living together.

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Reacting to the pictures of Rajeev-Charu, a user wrote- ‘His love story is like Ekta Kapoor’s serial, sometimes divorce and sometimes love. But whatever happens, it feels good to live together. Another wrote- ‘After a few days, both will delete the pictures together.’ One user wrote- ‘What is this, sometimes not together. Live together like a good couple. Why do you have to stay apart sometime? Just see tomorrow, there will be negativity again in the next post. Do drama in public. Only for publicity and fame.

It is evident from the comments of the users that they are now confused and troubled by the tussle between Charu and Rajeev. The comment boxes of the pictures and videos of the couples are full of such reactions. Many appealed to both of them to stay together, while many said that they should now work on one of their decisions. Either separate or stay together.

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