Porbandar seat occupied by BJP for hat-trick, know equation – News X

Porbandar seat occupied by BJP for hat-trick, know equation
– News X

Porbandar assembly seat is the only seat in Gujarat where BJP and Congress have won alternately. The seat has been held by the BJP for a decade. Babubhai Bokhiriya is the MLA from here. This time also the party has given him a chance.

Porbandar assembly seat is an important seat of Gujarat. All the three parties have given their strength to win this seat. This seat has been in a very volatile situation as BJP and Congress have won alternately from here. The seat has been held by Babubhai Bhimabhai Bokhiria, who is a BJP MLA, for the last one decade. He won this seat by the margin of 1855 to Arjunbhai Devabhai Modhwadia. There were a total of 11 candidates on this seat, out of which the deposits of nine were forfeited.

BJP will contest this seat in the year 2022 as well.Pa has shown confidence in Babubhai Bhimabhai Bokhiriya and fielded him. He had won from this seat in the years 2012 and 2017. In the year 2012, he defeated the Congress candidate by a margin of 17 thousand votes. This year, veteran leader Arjunbhai Devabhai Modhwadia is in the fray from Congress, who is an old player. At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party has reposed faith in Jeevan Jungi. This seat has been occupied by the BJP for the last two times.

BJP’s Babubhai Bhimabhai Bokhiriya was twice successful in defeating Congress candidate Arjunbhai Devabhai Modhwadia. This seat has been occupied by Bokhiria earlier also. He won this seat in 1995 and 1998 as well.

At the same time, this seat has been with the Congress as much as it has been in favor of the BJP. In the years 2007 and 2002, Arjunbhai Devabhai Modhwadia of Congress had won this seat. Even in the elections to be held in the year 2022, both the parties have reposed faith in their veteran leaders.

The total electorate in this seat is 265280, of which 135175 are male and 130099 are female voters. There are a total of six other voters in this seat. Porbandar is a coastal area, where there is a sizeable population of Machi community. There are 70 thousand people of Machi community on this seat. The role of the people of Machi community is considered very important in the elections. They prove to be effective in turning the tide of the election. At the same time, 50 thousand and 20 thousand people of Brahmin and Lohan community are also on this seat.


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