Police operations in Rio de Janeiro leave at least ten dead – News X

Police operations in Rio de Janeiro leave at least ten dead
– News X

Three police operations in Rio de Janeiro left at least ten dead and ten injured, this Friday (25). The actions took place in Complexo da Maré, Morro do Juramento and in Niterói. The injured, including two police officers, were taken to hospitals.

In Maré, the operation by the Military and Civil Police, with sniffer dogs, resulted in the seizure of around three tons of marijuana. According to the PM, some men fired shots at the teams and there was a reaction. “After stabilizing the area, three individuals were found wounded and a rifle, a pistol, a revolver and two grenades were seized. The rescue was carried out at the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital”, informed the PM in a note.

At the start of the operation, a military police officer was injured during a confrontation with the criminals and was taken to the Federal Hospital of Bonsucesso, where he received medical attention and was in stable condition. According to the PM, a man was found dead, near Avenida Brasil, which was closed by burning objects, placed by residents, in protest.

At almost the same time, in Morro do Juramento, in Vicente de Carvalho, another police operation resulted in the death of six people. The PM reported that it was carrying out an operation to repress drug trafficking, when it was attacked by alleged criminals. One of them was found near the scene of the confrontation and five others died in a house, when they were surprised by the police. A military policeman was wounded in the hand.

In Niterói, police officers from the 12th Battalion of the Military Police were on patrol when they were informed about gunshots that would be taking place in the Morro do Estado community, in the central area of ​​the municipality, in the early hours of Friday. According to the PM, there was a confrontation.

“After the tactical siege and the area was stabilized, five individuals were located injured – three were already dead and two were rescued at the Azevedo Lima State Hospital – and a rifle, three pistols, narcotics and a radio communicator were apprehended,” the statement said. PM.


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