Police arrest suspected gunman in Aracruz – News X

Police arrest suspected gunman in Aracruz
– News X

Without giving details, the Military Police of Espírito Santo reported that they arrested a suspect of being the author of the shooting attack in the city of Aracruz (ES). According to the corporation, new information will be disclosed by the government of Espírito Santo, through the Secretary of State for Public Security.

The attack on two schools in the municipality resulted in at least three deaths, in addition to several injuries. Most of the victims are teachers.

Earlier, the state secretary of public safety, Marcio Celante, reported that investigators already had information on how the shooter entered the Primo Bitti State School, the first institution attacked. “He was alone. He arrived and broke a padlock to gain access to the school. And next to that entrance, there was the teachers’ room. It was break time”, he said.

At the first school, two teachers were killed and nine others were injured. “It’s very sad. It’s powerless. It happened at the school where I work, with my colleagues, you know? I don’t know if I can go back to the classroom and teach”, said teacher Leilany Campos.

Footage from security cameras recorded the incident. The shooter was wearing camouflage clothing and a skeleton mask, similar to the one used in photos on social media by one of the perpetrators of the massacre that took place in 2019 at the Raul Brasil State School, in Suzano (SP).

After leaving the Primo Bitti State School, the shooter got into a car and drove to the Praia de Coqueiral Educational Center (CEPC), a private institution. There, he fired again, taking the life of a student and injuring two more people.

On social networks, the governor of Espírito Santo, Renato Casagrande, regretted the attack and determined commitment to the investigations. He even mistakenly pointed out the second institution as the Darwin School, which he published a clarification on his profile. “The location in question housed Darwin’s Coqueiral de Aracruz unit until 2021, when the school ended its activities in the neighborhood. The entire Darwin network is very sorry for what happened.”

Later, the governor also confirmed the arrest of the suspect. “Our security teams caught up with the author of the attack who, cowardly, attacked two schools in Aracruz in the morning. I declared official mourning for three days as a sign of regret for the irreparable losses. We will continue to investigate the motives and, soon, we will have new clarifications”, he wrote.

The injured were taken to area hospitals. The city of Aracruz released a note informing that classes in the municipal network were suspended. Children who were in schools were dismissed.

The Minister of Education, Victor Godoy, offered condolences to the relatives of the victims in a post on social networks. “My condolences to the parents, relatives and employees of the Primo Bitti State Primary and Secondary School and the Praia de Coqueiral Educational Center, in Aracruz (ES). I register my repudiation of this manifestation of violence”.

The president-elect, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who will take office on January 1st, also manifested himself in his profile. “With sadness I learned of the attack on schools in Aracruz, Espírito Santo. My solidarity with the families of the victims of this absurd tragedy. And my support for Governor Renato Casagrande in investigating the case and providing support for the communities of the two schools affected”.

* Collaborated with Tâmara Freire, reporter for Rádio Nacional in Rio de Janeiro


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