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Poland refuses offer of German defense systems
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Poland refuses offer of German defense systems Image: Maxim Studio/Shutterstock.com

Poland has decided to refuse Germany’s offer of Eurofighter jets and Patriot defense systems to help them defend their airspace.

Earlier in the week, Germany had made the offer to Polish officials following the missile attack which killed two people in the town of Przewodow. After initial concern about whether Russia had launched the attack on NATO territory, it appears that it was in fact a stray Ukrainian defense missile that had hit the Polish town. The exact circumstances are under investigation by Polish officials.

Nevertheless, following the heightening of tensions, the Polish requested that Germany help them to bolster their air defense options with Patriot batteries. This offer was subsequently made, but after consideration the Polish have decided it is no longer necessary. Instead, according to Defense Minister Marius Blasczak, they have asked that the materials be sent to the Ukrainian western border in order to help the country prevent further damage to their energy infrastructure caused by Russia.

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