News18 Showreel Kajol: Kajol learns patience from daughter Nyasa and son Yug, Revathi praises the actress – News X

News18 Showreel Kajol: Kajol learns patience from daughter Nyasa and son Yug, Revathi praises the actress
– News X

Mumbai. News18 Showreel Kajol Revathy: Kajol and Revati also attended the event of News 18 Show Reel. Recently the trailer of both the film ‘Salaam Venky’ has been launched. Kajol is in the lead role in this film while Revathi has directed it. The trailer of the film is getting a very good response from the audience. Kajol spoke about reuniting with her co-star Kamal Sadanah after almost 30 years for ‘Salaam Venky’. Revathi reveals that everyone had planned not to tell Kajol about him (Kamal Sadanah) and to surprise her. Kajol then recalls the moment of meeting him on the set.

Actress Kajol said, ‘Revati is a schoolgirl and shows that she really respects and admires her work for a long time. After this, Revathi called Kajol a very comfortable actress. Regarding Kajol, Revathi says, ‘She gets what she wants and then she lets it go.’ Along with this, he also gave an example of ‘Salaam Venky’.

Kajol speaks a lot with her eyes: Revathi

Revathi also praised Kajol’s eyes. He said that Kajol tells a lot with her eyes. At the same time, Kajol said that she never saw Revathi’s gender. Kajol says that while working with Revathi, she never saw her gender. Along with this, Kajol also revealed that she does not want to become a director.

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Kajol lives a normal routine life after the set

Apart from this, Kajol also said that she was not impressed with the character of the film. He said that only the character of this film never impressed him. After working on the sets of the film, she lives in her normal routine life. He expressed happiness on working with Kamal Sadanah after 30 years in Salaam Venky.

Kids have taught me to be patient: Kajol

Kajol also talked about her children Yug and Nyasa. She said, “After having children, I enjoyed being a mother. I think acting is a part of my life but not completely, my life is full of many things and I have worked a lot on that. My biggest learning has been my children and they have taught me patience.

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