Masks are once again mandatory on public transport in São Paulo – News X

Masks are once again mandatory on public transport in São Paulo
– News X

The use of a mask in public transport is mandatory again from today (26) in the capital of São Paulo. The decision was taken based on the technical analysis of the Management Council of the State Secretariat for Science, Research and Development in Health to prevent the advancement of cases of covid-19.

The state government recommends that the measure be adopted by all municipalities. In addition, it alerts the population so that everyone completes the vaccination cycle, which is important to ensure greater protection against the coronavirus and mitigate the effects of the virus.

distribution of masks

To reinforce the measure and make the population aware of precautions to prevent and combat the spread of covid-19, the city hall of the capital of São Paulo began last Monday to distribute masks at the 32 bus terminals in the city, from 7am to 10am. The action continues next week. So far, more than 350,000 masks have been distributed.


Users of public transport in the underpass between Consolação and Paulista subway stations during the emergency phase of the covid-19 pandemic.

As of today, users of public transport in the capital of São Paulo are again obliged to wear a mask. 🇧🇷 Rovena Rosa/Arquivo Agência Brasil

In six terminals (Santo Amaro, Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, Sacomã, Parque D. Pedro, Itaquera and Pinheiros), the population can be vaccinated against covid-19, from 7am to 10am. Immunization can be done from 3 years old. Until last Thursday (24), 3,715 doses were applied in these places.

Vaccination is still available in all Basic Health Units (UBSs) and Ambulatory Medical Assistance (AMAs)/Integrated UBSs from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, in the AMAs/Integrated UBSs, from 7am to 7pm. Unit addresses can be consulted on the internet🇧🇷


According to a note from the Management Council of the State Secretariat for Science, Research and Development in Health released last Wednesday (23), hospitalizations due to covid-19 in ward and ICU beds grew by 156% and 97.5% in the last 14 days , reaching a daily average of more than 400 new admissions.

“The rate of increase in hospitalizations (5% per day for ICU patients and 7% per day for patients in wards) and ICU bed occupancy rates (44% in the state of São Paulo and 59% in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo) is accentuated and begins to put pressure on public and private health systems”, says the note.

According to the council, despite the high level in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, there is also an increase in the interior and coastal regions of the state, including health professionals being removed from work for being infected with covid-19.

The council also alerts to the circulation of several subvariants of the Ômicron variant, with a predominance of subvariant BA.5 and progressive growth of cases related to subvariant BQ1.

“Hospitalizations refer mainly to older patients and/or with comorbidities or immunosuppressed, more vulnerable to decompensations and complications related to infection by Sars-Cov-2, which allows predicting an increase in deaths in the coming weeks”, says the council , in note.

According to a survey, there are at least 10 million adults who did not take the first booster dose and 7 million without the second booster dose. It is also necessary to increase the vaccination coverage of children and adolescents.


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