Landslide On Italy’s Ischia Island 8 Killed Due To Natural Disaster Italy Landslide – News X

Landslide On Italy’s Ischia Island 8 Killed Due To Natural Disaster Italy Landslide
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Italy Landslide: About 8 people died in a landslide caused by heavy rains on Italy’s Ischia Island on Saturday (November 26). Media reports and emergency services said that in the early morning hours in the small town of Casamiciola Terme, a wave of mud rolled down a hill and engulfed a house. Also, the cars present there were washed away in the sea.

According to the AGI news agency, Infrastructure Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said, “8 people have been confirmed dead in the landslide in Ischia.” Earlier news reports said that 13 people were reported missing, although there has been no official confirmation. According to the ANSA agency, one of the missing included a family consisting of a husband and wife and an infant child.

Search continues for missing people

The fire service said a house was inundated with mud and two people were rescued from a car. He said help was being sent from the nearest major city, Naples, but weather conditions were making it difficult to reach the island. The Civil Protection Department said on Twitter, “Help continues to search for missing people, evacuate and save people.”

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Casamisiola Terme was hit by an earthquake in 2017

Local authorities have asked residents of Ischia to stay inside so as not to hinder rescue operations. Ischia’s office said in a statement that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was closely monitoring the situation. It has been said in the statement that due to bad weather, it is becoming a bit difficult to carry out relief work. Let us inform that earlier Casamiciola Terme was hit by an earthquake in the year 2017, in which 2 people died.

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