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jaipur man kills old lady with hammer cuts dead body and throws in jungle got idea from Shraddha murder – News X

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Police caught the accused, recovered the goods

Jaipur: Recently, a murder case came to light from Delhi in which a young man named Aftab had killed his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar and cut her body into 35 pieces and dumped them in the forest. Now one such case has come from Jaipur in Rajasthan where a young man killed an elderly woman and cut her dead body into many pieces and then took them and threw them in the forest. Police say that a young man killed his mother-in-law by hitting her on the head with a hammer and then cut the dead body into eight to ten pieces with a stone cutter and threw them at different places in the forest.

Idea got from Shraddha Walkar murder case

Police said that the accused has been arrested and several pieces of the body have been recovered by the police. Police officials, on the basis of interrogation of the accused youth associated with ‘Hare Krishna Movement’, have told that after killing his mother, the idea of ​​dismembering her dead body was in his mind after a recent incident in Delhi (Shraddha Walkar murder). ) came due to The young man also says that he was troubled by his mother’s talk. However, according to a spokesperson of the movement, Anuj was not involved in their activities for a year.

The accused lodged the missing report
Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Parish Deshmukh said that a missing report of a woman was lodged at the city’s Vidyadhar Nagar police station on December 11. Youth Anuj Sharma alias Achintya Govind Das (33) had lodged a report that his Tai Saroj Sharma (65) had left the house at two-three o’clock in the afternoon saying to go to the temple, who has not yet returned home. The woman was suffering from cancer. He said that during the investigation the police suspected the complainant only. On this Saroj Sharma’s daughters were called and her flat was thoroughly investigated. When the case seemed suspicious, Anuj Sharma was searched and it was found that he left home for Haridwar and Delhi on December 13 after registering missing. The police came to know that Anuj was coming from Delhi to Jaipur with his family members. Based on the route location, the police intercepted him midway in the city and caught him.

confessed to the crime in police interrogation
According to Deshmukh, on thorough questioning of Anuj Sharma, he confessed to killing his aunt by hitting her on the head with a hammer. The accused says that in the afternoon of December 11, Tai stopped him from going out, on which he got angry and hit him on the head with a hammer. According to officials, the accused told during interrogation that the idea of ​​disposing of the dead body after the murder came to his mind because of the Shraddha Walkar murder case in Delhi.

stone cutter
The accused told the police that he bought a stone cutter from a shop to cut the dead body into pieces, then after cutting the dead body into several pieces in the bathroom, filled them in suitcases and buckets and took them by car to several places in the forest on Delhi Road. Thrown away. Police arrested the accused on Friday. Hammer, cutter machine, bucket, suitcase and other items used in the crime have been recovered and investigation is on. On the other hand, a spokesperson of the ‘Hare Krishna’ movement said that Anuj was not active in their activities for a year.

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