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It is mandatory to praise the government before and after eating, China’s inhumanity with Uygur. chinese govt abuse in xinjiang Uyghurs mandatory to praise govt and sing national songs

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It is mandatory to praise the Chinese government before and after eating

Two women who experienced Chinese reeducation camps have testified before members of the US Congress. This is seen for the first time. According to a news published in The Guardian, testifying before a special House Committee of the US Congress, two women exposed the dark deeds of the Chinese government and said that they were locked in detention camps and police stations for three years. During this, the prisoners were given 11 hours of brainwash training every day. Uyghur woman Gulbahar Hatiwaji pointed out that praising the Chinese government, singing patriotic songs before and after eating food is mandatory while imprisoned in Chinese detention camps and police stations.

Tied with chains by the officers.

He told that he is punished even for speaking in Uyghur language. Along with this, they always have to face the interrogation, during this they were tied to the chairs with a hood. The Uygur Muslim woman told that once she was chained to the bed for 20 days. Sterilization of female prisoners was also being done in the camp. Hatiwaji told that they are vaccinated for this and cameras have been installed throughout the camp.

Chinese officials’ warning

Kelbinur Sidiq, a human rights activist living in the Netherlands, said that in one way or another, forced into internment camps and teaching classes by the Chinese authorities. She was freed in 2019 due to the efforts of Sidiq’s family and the French government. During this she had become very weak. For this reason, he was forced to eat food by the Chinese authorities so that he would not go out and look malnourished. At the same time, before going to France, he was warned that if he told anything about the camp, action would be taken against his family and relatives.

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