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Israel in tension! Iran successfully tests dangerous missile ‘Khyber’, range of 2 thousand km

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Israel in tension! Iran successfully tests dangerous missile ‘Khyber’, range of 2 thousand km

Iran-Israel: The tension between Iran and Israel has further increased. Where Israel has given an open warning to Israel, furious over Iran’s nuclear program. While retaliating, Iran has expressed its intentions by successfully testing the dangerous ballistic missile ‘Khyber’ capable of hitting a target of 2 thousand kilometers. Iran has conducted another missile test, which is claimed to be a fourth generation missile, capable of hitting a target 2,000 km away. After Israel’s Army Chief’s warning to Iran, Iran has expressed its dangerous intentions by testing this missile.

Iran became a headache for Israel

Khyber missile has also been added to Iran’s missile list. The testing of this missile could become a problem for Israel amid ongoing tensions with Western countries. This missile has been tested in a program in Tehran. It was launched with the help of a launcher on a truck.

Know the power of Khyber missile

According to Iranian officials, the Khyber missile is capable of carrying up to 1500 kg of ammunition. With this much ammunition, the missile can destroy the enemy’s base sitting 2000 km away in a jiffy.

America has imposed sanctions on Iran

The US has already imposed sanctions on Iran due to Iran’s nuclear program. Now America’s friend and Israel’s enemy is warning Iran. Iran is accused of providing weapons to anti-Israel terrorist groups in the Palestinian territories and surrounding countries. This is the reason why Israel considers Iran as its enemy.

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