Imran Khan’s arrest warrant canceled amid clash between police and supporters, hearing adjourned till March 30

Imran Khan’s arrest warrant canceled amid clash between police and supporters, hearing adjourned till March 30

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Imran Khan’s arrest warrant canceled amid clashes between police and supporters in Islamabad

Imran Khan News: The arrest warrant of PTI chairman Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case was canceled on Saturday. Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADSJ) Zafar Iqbal allowed them to leave after recording their appearance in the wake of clashes between Islamabad Police and PTI workers outside the judicial premises. The judge quashed Imran’s arrest warrant. The judge allowed Imran to return by signing outside the court premises.

Hearing adjourned till March 30

The hearing has been adjourned till March 30. Because of the disturbance and chaos witnessed today, the judge has ordered Imran to appear in person at the next hearing. Earlier, Imran Khan reached the Islamabad court on Saturday afternoon. During this, there was a clash between the police and PTI workers. Police showed the recovery of a bag after the search operation. Imran’s party raised questions on this. Imran’s party said that the policemen are taking this bag inside the house and then bringing it outside. How is this possible? On the other hand, the police has set up a temporary camp near Imran’s house in Lahore. It is from here that the police entered the house in large numbers.

Earlier today, former Prime Minister Imran Khan had left for Islamabad court for appearance and his house was raided by the police. During this, the police also had to face a lot of anger from his supporters. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Home Minister Rana Sanaullah made a big claim that the Lahore Police had found a lot of explosives from Imran Khan’s house. It will be put before the media.

While going to Islamabad with the convoy on Saturday afternoon, Imran had said that ‘a complete plan has been made to arrest me’. Their aim is to put me in jail. Nawaz Sharif demands that I be put in jail. Meanwhile, there was a petrol bomb attack near Imran Khan’s house. Imran Khan’s sister told that when the police reached Imran’s house, they were asked for a search warrant, but they brought bulldozers and started carrying out the work.

Earlier, as soon as Imran Khan left Lahore, the police broke open the gate of his house and entered inside. At the same time, 3 vehicles of Imran’s convoy moving towards Islamabad collided with each other in which some people were injured. However, there was no damage to Imran Khan’s car.

A large crowd of Imran’s supporters had gathered

According to the report of Pakistan media, firing was done on the police team from inside Imran’s house. Along with this, petrol bombs were also thrown at the police. At the same time, a huge crowd of Imran’s supporters gathered outside the court in Islamabad. The Islamabad police started making arrests. According to the information, as soon as Imran left Lahore. After that the police had broken the gate of Imran’s house with a crane, the supporters of Imran present there started pelting stones at the police with a slingshot. After the stone-pelting, the police lathi-charged.

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