Imran Khan Long March News : Imran Khan Cancels PTI Long March Instead Of Going Islamabad PTI Would Resign From All Assemblies – News X

Imran Khan Long March News : Imran Khan Cancels PTI Long March Instead Of Going Islamabad PTI Would Resign From All Assemblies
– News X

Islamabad : Addressing the Long March in Rawalpindi on Saturday, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his party has decided to break away from the current political system. He announced that PTI would resign from all assemblies. Imran Khan said, ‘We will not be a part of this system. We have decided to leave all the assemblies and get out of this corrupt system. There is a PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. Imran said that PTI has decided not to go to Islamabad to avoid any chaos.

It should be noted that Imran took the announcement of cancellation of the Long March and resignation from the Assemblies. This is just two days after General Asim Munir became the new chief of the Pakistan Army. It is obvious that Imran has reluctantly accepted that the elections in Pakistan will now be held after nine months i.e. at their scheduled time. Addressing the long march, Khan said he would meet his chief ministers and parliamentary party and soon announce when his party would leave the assemblies.

After all, why are the eyes of India, China and America on Pakistan’s Army Chief General Aseem Munir
‘History of fighting till the last ball’
Earlier, in front of a huge crowd in Rawalpindi, Imran claimed that his party had not come to Rawalpindi for elections or politics. He said the country needed fresh elections and he did not care if they would be held after nine months as victory would be for his party. In his address, Imran said that history is witness that he kept fighting for Pakistan till the last ball.

Imran claims – there were three shooters in Wazirabad
Imran Khan said, ‘I want to say that those who have increased their wealth and trampled on the rights of the country, history is also looking at them and writing what they did to the country.’ He claimed that three shooters had attempted to assassinate him in Wazirabad. Imran said that he had seen death closely after the attack on him. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan said, ‘When I fell down, I knew that Allah had saved me.’

‘I called the thief that’s why the government is humiliating’
Addressing the agitated crowd, Imran admitted that it was difficult for him to walk with an injured leg. The former Pak PM said that when he was leaving Lahore, he was advised not to do so because of his injured leg and the threat to his life. The PTI chief said the Shehbaz government was repeatedly trying to “humiliate” him as he had called him a “thief”.


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