Imran Khan Long March | Imran Khan to address “Long March” despite threat to his life – News X

Imran Khan Long March |  Imran Khan to address “Long March” despite threat to his life
– News X

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Rawalpindi/Lahore: Despite the threat to his life, former Prime Minister Imran Khan will put on a show of political power in Rawalpindi on Saturday. Rawalpindi is the center of the country’s influential army. Khan is scheduled to address his supporters in Rawalpindi. He has said that this demonstration of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) will be “completely peaceful” to demand new general elections. On November 3, there was a fatal attack on Khan and he was shot. He is currently recuperating.

Khan’s supporters from all parts of the country are gathering in Rawalpindi where the stage has been set at the Sixth Road flyover between the historic Murree Road. Some enthusiastic supporters have been put up in makeshift tents at Allama Iqbal Park near the rally venue. These people have already reached the city. Khan will leave from his Zaman Park residence in Lahore in a bulletproof vehicle. He is likely to address his supporters at 6 pm. However, it is not clear whether after his address people will leave or sit on dharna. However, the Rawalpindi city administration has given permission for the rally for only one day.

The Rawalpindi administration has also issued a notification that the England cricket team will soon reach Rawalpindi, so the venue should be vacated after the rally is over. Khan (70) had said on Friday that despite being injured, he was determined to go to Rawalpindi for the sake of the country. He said in his message that he is fighting for the real freedom of the country and the struggle will continue till the announcement of new elections.

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He said, “We are fighting for real freedom. One point agenda is election. Separately, he told a channel that if mid-term elections were not announced and the government stuck to its stand of holding general elections next October, the masses would forcefully overthrow the current rulers. He said, “The real freedom movement will not end today (on November 26), but will continue till justice is done.”

Khan had yesterday said, “Tomorrow (I) am going to Rawalpindi as it is a crucial time for the country.” We want to be the country that Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal had dreamed of.” The former prime minister said he was still at risk but would take precautions.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Friday, “If Imran Khan wants elections, he should behave like a leader and hold talks with political leaders.” They warned that there was a threat to Khan’s life and appealed to him to postpone the rally. PTI general secretary Asad Umar has said that if anything happens to Khan, the government will be responsible for it.


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