Happy National Girl Child Day 2023 Poems in Hindi For Daughters

Happy National Girl Child Day 2023 Poems in Hindi For Daughters

National Girl Child Day 2023: Girl’s Day is celebrated every year on 24 January 2023 and for the first time this day was celebrated in the year 2008. It was a joint campaign of the Government of India and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. It was first observed with an aim to raise awareness about the inequalities faced by girls and women at various levels in the society. On this day, you can wish your daughter through some wonderful poems. See here the poems written on girls-

1) Delicate as flowers, bright as the moon my doll,
I have only one bus of my own, this lovely world.
My courtyard rises with gamut,
By walking, when the pailiya rings.
Water splashes like a wave,
When Tutlati spoke, my doll.

Gad-gad heart becomes mine,
Saying Baba-Baba, when the doll was wrapped.
Sometimes by making me a horse, the doll rides itself,
It looks very good, when the doll is made of clay.
When I come back from office,
Doll running to fetch water.

Whenever I fight with his mother,
The little doll scolds a lot.
Then reconciles both,
Doll with lovely words.
It is my weakness, it is the rope of my breath,
My dear little doll

2) We are tiny buds,
Of this garden of life.
We are little angels
Of the sky world.

Do not break us from the branch,
Let it bloom like flowers.
Beautiful your garden,
Let it smell like fragrance.

dreams with wings,
Let it fly in the sky
This world will be illuminated by us,
Let your flag fly

3) Like boys, girls are also born with clenched fists,
Like boys, girls also cry in the lap of their mother.

Devils do both the same,
Both do the same arbitrariness.

Grandfather’s stick breaks grandmother’s glasses,
He wears his mother’s lap like a bride.

They cry when they are hungry, they sleep listening to lullabies,
The youth of both comes, the story of both is made.

Both steps go together
Both of them burn like lamps.

Like a boy, the girl also brightens the name,
There is no difference, then why are they killed before birth.

daughters daughters daughters

4) It’s evening, let’s go for a walk now, papa
Tired of walking, put me on your shoulder, father
I am afraid of the dark, hug me, father
mom fell asleep
Papa, you slap me to sleep
school is over
let me go to college now papa
brought up
don’t separate now papa
Now if you have made me sit in the doli
don’t shed tears papa
you have a nice smile
smile once papa
you obeyed me
accept one more thing papa
I am not a burden on this earth
explain to the world papa

5) Says daughter spreading arms,
I want love

Why ignore the daughter,
Does the cruel world?

Think without us,
Will you be able to settle down with your family?

From womb to youth,
A sword hanging over me

of my sorrow and pain,
Now there should be permanent treatment.

both eyes are the same
Daughters are as great as sons!

Have to save life
protect daughters

6) Daughters are the life of the house,
Daughters are the pride of the father,
Daughters are God’s blessings
Just understand that daughters are unique.

Daughters are more loyal than sons,
Daughters are helpful in mother’s work,
Understand the sorrows of parents, daughters are so sensible,
Daughters deserve infinite love.

Never let the eyes of daughters get moist,
Do not let their happiness decrease in life,
Always encourage daughters, don’t let them feel sad,
There is a difference between a son and a daughter, don’t let yourself get confused.


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