Ghana leaves Korea hanging in the balance | World Cup Qatar 2022 – News X

Ghana leaves Korea hanging in the balance |  World Cup Qatar 2022
– News X

Korea’s defense is like Osasuna’s: they all have the same name, the rojillos García, the Oriental Kims, but the Kims from Korea cannot be compared to the Garcías from Pamplona. Not forcefully, at least, so after seven corner kicks taken against Ghana, after Son’s hierarchy in the Korean vanguard, after the Ghanaian disconnection that left Iñaki Williams running from here to there, chasing shadows, asking for balls and receiving melons, despite all that, a foul kicked from the band was enough for all the Kims in Korea to be photographed.

Half an hour of overwhelming Korean dominance, of eternal possessions, of Ghana’s balls hitting nothing to nothing, was not reached, when Ayew, from a set piece, put a ball that was loose, and there Salisu arrived, as if he did not want the thing, to put his foot in and overtake the Africans.

The goal baffled Korea, which lost the serenity with which it began. The well-structured ideas from the beginning became a jumble of occurrences. Nothing worked for the Koreans anymore. Wrong one number in Sudoku, the other boxes didn’t add up, and then Ghana began to enjoy. He was asking for Ayew head, pointing to his temples with his fingers, but maybe the Koreans misinterpreted that. The head that he requested was not the one that ordinary mortals thought; that tranquility that is usually requested after a goal in favor. He asked for the head of a teammate to score another cross like the one for the goal, and found Kudus’s, which he combed 10 minutes after the first, to make the second and plunge Korea into misery.

The stands in favor of the black stars danced with the score downhill, while Son, the figure of Tottenham, hyperactive at the start under his carbon mask, began to dissolve in the Korean bewilderment, after receiving two such hard blows in so little weather. Asian tigers were declawed domestic cats.

But Ghana was confident when they had everything in their favor. He tried to put the game to sleep in the second half when Kang In Lee, the Mallorca footballer, appeared on the field. He had been on for half a minute when he received a ball on the wing and his excellent delivery was finished off by Cho with a header to close the gap. Three minutes later, still on the high of the goal, one of the Kims, Juisu, who had been so weak in defense, had faith in a ball that seemed to be lost over the end line. He ran furiously, touched the ball into the area, and again Cho, launching himself like a missile at the header, tied the game without brakes, which was beginning to turn into total madness.

The Ghanaian defenders began to look less like the García de Osasuna and more and more like the Kim from Korea, who continued to do their thing, and who after so much swimming drowned on the shore again when Mensah put a ball in from the left. Williams found air when he wanted to finish off, but Kudus hit the ball and beat the other Kim, Seunggyu, whose name the goalkeeper shares with the defense, and who conceded all the shots he got.

The madness turned into a tropical storm with Korea approaching, and the rage of those who lose everything more than once in a short time. First it was Kang In who launched a free kick that Zigi took off near the post; then Salisu had to clear a poisoned shot from the line. Ghana defended itself as best it could, Korea attacked with everything Paulo Bento put together on the pitch, hanging endless balls, but the points went to the African team, leaving the Asians on a tightrope and with their coach unleashed with rage and ejected by Taylor. He will not be able to be on the bench against his country, Portugal.

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