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Dimple Kapadia Superstar Husband Rajesh Khanna Used To Introduced His Brother As Cousin And Akshay Kumar Father In Law Always Claims On His Bad Upbringing

New Delhi. Famous Rajesh Khanna for doing his own work in BollywoodRajesh Khanna) was very popular among the people due to many reasons. He was the youngest of his 6 siblings. Rajesh Khanna’s childhood name was Jatin. Being the youngest of the family, he was loved by everyone. But it is said that life is not always perfect some things have to be made. Rajesh Khanna may have belonged to a full family but his life was always full of indecisiveness. There was an earthquake in their married life, their childhood was also nothing special. That’s why he always used to shy away from talking about his childhood.

Let us tell you that Rajesh Khanna was famous for coming very late on the sets of the film. Once famous actress Jaya Prada once told that Rajesh Khanna used to reach the set at night in the morning shooting. He had once told them about these same habits that his upbringing had gone wrong.

In the biography ‘Rajesh Khanna: The Untold Story of India’s First Superstar’ written by writer and senior journalist Yasir Usman, it has been clearly written that Rajesh Khanna has given strict instructions to the media that he will not be questioned about his childhood. According to the book, Rajesh Khanna was born on 29 December 1942 in Lahore to father Nandlal Khanna and mother Chandrani Khanna.

childhood name of rajesh khanna
Rajesh Khanna’s childhood name was Jatin. His father Nandlal’s elder brother Chunnilal and his wife Lilavati had no children. That’s why he had given Rajesh, the youngest son of his 6 children, to him. In a way, Chunnilal adopted Rajesh Khanna. Later Chunnilal came to Mumbai with his wife and child. In this way, Rajesh kept moving away from his parents. Rajesh Khanna was often depressed due to increasing distance from his immediate parents. In such a situation, he never openly talked about his childhood and relationship with his parents.

Rajesh Khanna was stunned while standing on the stage. (Photo Credits: NFAI/twitter)

Cousin used to tell brother Narinder Khanna
It is also written in the book that when Rajesh Khanna was earning name in films, his elder brother Narinder Khanna also used to participate in theater etc. and later he also came to Mumbai. Although Rajesh Khanna kept meeting him regularly, but he never got his brother introduced to the people in the way that people do. He always called his brother as cousin in front of people. While his elder brother used to visit his ‘Aashirwad’ bungalow. People close to him knew very well that he was his real brother, people used to call his elder brother as Khanna papa in ‘Aashirwad’ bungalow.

used to secretly send money to sisters
Yasir Usman has written in his book that at one time Prashant Kumar Roy, who was very close to Rajesh Khanna, used to tell that Rajesh Khanna used to secretly send money to his real sisters. But she was giving him strict instructions never to mention anything about this to anyone. While everyone knew that he had his own immediate family as well, but even a single photo was never seen in his house at home.



sad about
According to the book written by Yasir Usman, Rajesh Khanna’s childhood is like a tangled tale. Separation of parents in childhood, leaving the company of siblings and coming to Mumbai, all these incidents had a deep impact on his mind. The rest that was left unturned was completed by their marriage. His relationship with actress Dimple Kapadia was also not the way he wanted. In such a situation, he used to consider himself guilty. Let us tell you that actor Akshay Kumar is the son-in-law of Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh and Dimple’s elder daughter Twinkle Khanna is married to Akshay.

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