Deputy files request for CPI to investigate STF and TSE – News X

Deputy files request for CPI to investigate STF and TSE
– News X

Deputy Marcel van Hattem (Novo-RS) filed, this Thursday (23), in the Chamber of Deputies, the request for the opening of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate abuses committed by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). O document has the support of 181 federal deputies.

In the request for the so-called CPI on Abuse of Authority, the parliamentarian mentions, among the cases to be analyzed, the decision to carry out a search and seizure against businessmen for having shared messages in an application; the decision to block the bank accounts of 43 people and companies suspected of financing anti-democratic acts; censorship of parliamentarians, the economist Marcos Cintra, the production company Brasil Paralelo, the TV station Jovem Pan and the tweet of the newspaper Gazeta do Povo.

“In recent years and in an accentuated way in recent months, there have been countless violations of individual rights and guarantees against Brazilian citizens, politicians and also against legal entities, perpetrated by Ministers of the superior courts; that is, perpetrated precisely by those who would have the duty to guarantee the full exercise of these rights and not to violate them”, wrote Van Hattem.

The installation of the CPI now depends on the decision of the president of the Chamber. The committees are temporary and made up of 27 parliamentarians, and may also act during parliamentary recess. They have a period of one hundred and twenty days, extendable by up to half, by deliberation of the Plenary, to conclude their work.

Decisions of the STF and TSE are questioned by jurists

Since the installation of the fake news inquiry in March 2019, the STF and, more recently, the TSE have adopted measures considered unconstitutional by several jurists. The STF initiated, for example, several ex-officio investigations (without being provoked and without recognizing the prerogatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office), anomalously using article 43 of the House’s bylaws, thus becoming judge, accuser and victim in several cases – which violates the due process of law and the broad right of defense.

During the electoral campaign period and after the elections, the TSE, chaired by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, has determined the prior censorship of content and the blocking of profiles on social networks. In recent weeks, any request for clarification about electronic voting machines has been punished by the court with fines or other measures that are outside the provisions of Brazilian legislation.

Among the federal deputies with an active mandate who had their profiles suspended by order of the TSE are Carla Zambelli (PL-SP), Major Vitor Hugo (PL-GO), Coronel Tadeu (PL-SP) and José Medeiros (PL-MT). Among the candidates who were victorious at the polls this year and will take office in the Chamber next year and who were also censored are Gustavo Gayer (PL-GO) and Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG), who had the highest number of votes in the country in the elections this year. year. There are also a series of censored profiles, such as journalists, businessmen and artists.


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