chetan bhagat being trolled for his leaked whatsapp screenshots of me too movement people supporting urfi aka uorfi javed – News X

chetan bhagat being trolled for his leaked whatsapp screenshots of me too movement people supporting urfi aka uorfi javed
– News X

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Urfi Javed often has to listen to negative comments about himself. She also knows how to give a befitting reply to them. At present, his and Chetan Bhagat’s fight is in discussion. Chetan Bhagat had said during a program that the youth is looking at Urfi Javed’s photo by entering the beds. Urfi did not take this thing lightly. She has posted a lot on her Instagram in response. He also put on his social media the leaked WhatsApp chat of Chetan Bhagat which went viral during the #MeToo movement. Now Chetan Bhagat is being trolled on social media.

Now Chetan Bhagat is getting trolled

Urfi Javed and Chetan Bhagat are trending on Twitter. The reason is the tu-tu-main-main between Urfi and Chetan. Both commented on each other after which people started trolling them on Twitter. Many people are in support of Urfi while some are commenting on her dressing sense. Many memes related to both are also appearing on social media. After Chetan’s comment, Urfi has posted a viral chat in the name of Chetan Bhagat. It is written in it, you are sweet, cute, funny and a good person. That’s why I thought to woo you. Please get down Say something. The answer is, don’t be like all married men. Come on, you’re better than this.

Chetan Bhagat was persuading the journalist

This is the answer, everyone? Really? Do they do it because I normally don’t? I liked you, felt a connection. So. Don’t you think I am different from them? The answer is, I hope you are joking. The answer is, I thought I should woo you.

Chetan had apologized

Chetan Bhagat’s chat went viral in the year 2018 during the #MeToo movement. A writer accused him of sexual harassment. Chetan Bhagat had apologized on social media after this incident came into the limelight. He wrote to the concerned journalist, these screenshots are genuine. I am sorry if you feel bad.

Youth entering the bed…

In fact, Chetan Bhagat had said during a program in the past, he is pressing likes on the photos of girls. He is writing, there are crores of likes on Urfi’s photo. One is the jawan of India who is protecting our country on Kargil, on the other hand we have another youth who is sneaking into beds looking at Urfi Javed’s photo. Urfi had lashed out at Chetan by sharing screenshots. Now many people are supporting Urfi Javed on social media. Urpi Javed got angry on this comment of Chetan Bhagat, diverting the attention of youth, said- Girls of half age…


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