Bihar: Thieves crossed the engine of the train by digging a tunnel, police exposed it like this – News X

Bihar: Thieves crossed the engine of the train by digging a tunnel, police exposed it like this
– News X

Bihar News: Bihar Police has busted a gang that used to steal train engines. The surprising thing is that for this the thieves had dug a tunnel. Through which they used to steal the engine of the train. Police said that the thieves had dug a tunnel in Barauni to steal the engine of the train. After which the thieves made away with an entire engine of the train from the Garhara yard of Barauni.

The police got the news of the missing engine of the train when three people were detained. Based on the information received from them during interrogation, the police recovered 13 sacks of engine parts from a scrap warehouse located in Prabhat Colony, Muzaffarpur. During this, the police said that they found a tunnel near the yard, through which thieves used to come and steal engine parts and carry them in sacks. Despite all this, the railway officials were completely unaware of this.

Police was also troubled by such theft

Along with this, the police also accepted that the gang of thieves is active in Bihar. We had also received some complaints in which it was reported that thieves were stealing the engines of diesel and old trains. Police were worried about breaking steel bridges. Those who were caught by the Bihar Police on Thursday.

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Such cases had come earlier also
Earlier, there was a news recently that thieves had stolen some iron angles and other parts of the bridge from Palatania bridge connecting Forbesganj to Raniganj in Araria. In this case, the police also registered a case against unknown people. Along with this, in Bihar’s Purnia, thieves stole and sold the engine of an entire vintage steam train kept for exhibition. After which the police told that a railway engineer was also involved in this incident.

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