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bank of india announced record date for dividend lic have stake in it

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Bank of India has announced the record date for dividend. In the board meeting of Bank of India on May 6, it was decided that a dividend of 20 per cent on each share would be given to qualified investors. LIC has a major stake in the company. Let us inform, the market cap of the company is Rs 29,742.65 crore.

When is the record date? (Bank of India Record Date)

In the information given to the stock market, Bank of India has told that a dividend of 20 percent on each share will be given to eligible investors. That is, the investors will get the benefit of Rs. The government company has fixed the record date for this dividend on June 20, 2023. That is, any investor whose name will remain in the record book of the company on this day, only he will get the benefit of dividend.

The stock which gives smoky returns will be divided into 2 pieces

Bank of India Share Performance

On Thursday, the company’s shares had closed at Rs 72.48, down 1.60 per cent. So far this year, the bank’s share prices have seen a decline of more than 20 percent. Even though the last 6 months have been difficult for investors, but despite this, Bank of India shares have been successful in giving more than 58 percent returns to positional investors in the last 1 year.

Bank of India’s 52 week high is Rs 103.50. Whereas, the 52 week low is Rs 40.40. During January to March, LIC’s total stake in the company stood at 7.05 per cent. That is, the Government Insurance Company had 28,92,87,324 shares of Bank of India.



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