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Ashish Vidyarti has worked in more than 300 films, also played in Hollywood, got married in 60 years

Mumbai. Some shocking news keeps coming from Bollywood. In this episode, the marriage of Ashisha Vidyarti remains the talking point at this time. This marriage is getting more headlines because Ashish has decided to remarry at the age of 60. The way Ashish has surprised everyone by getting married suddenly, in the same way he surprises with his characters in films. Come, let’s talk about Ashish’s film career and special characters.


Ashish Vidyarti has married Rupali Baruah at the age of 60, who is associated with the fashion industry. Kamal R Khan shared the photo of Ashish’s wedding on Twitter on Thursday. Since then Ashish has dominated the social media.


Ashish Vidyarti was born on 19 June 1962 in Delhi. 60 year old Ashish’s father is from Kerala and mother is from Rajasthan. Ashish, who was fond of acting, was associated with the world of theater till the year 1990. (twitter / Ashish Vidyarthi)


Ashish had shifted to Mumbai in 1992 and in 1993 he started his film career with VP Menon’s film ‘Sardar’. His first release was ‘Drohkal’, for which he received the National Award. (twitter@filmsandstuffs)


Ashish has shown his acting talent in more than 300 films. Along with this, he has worked in films in about 11 languages. Mainly Ashish has played negative roles and attracted the audience with each and every character. (twitter / Ashish Vidyarthi)


Ashish has not only done Bollywood and regional language films. He has also shown his talent in Hollywood. In the year 2000, he was seen in the film ‘Knightfall’. It was a science fiction movie. (twitter/filmhistorypics)


Along with Ashish’s marriage, discussions have also started about his first wife. Ashish first married Rajoshi Vidyarthi and he is a theater artist as well as a singer. He has a son of 23 years. (twitter @ VidyarthiPiloo)



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