America: Disclosure of a woman who won the battle with thyroid cancer, do not ignore these 4 symptoms – News X

America: Disclosure of a woman who won the battle with thyroid cancer, do not ignore these 4 symptoms
– News X


Big disclosure of Christina who defeated thyroid cancer
Pay attention to physical symptoms, change can be a sign of disease
Instantly recognize weak hair, fatigue and dry skin

New York. American woman Christina McKnight has made important revelations regarding thyroid cancer. She has told that when she was 27 years old, it was found that she had thyroid cancer. While she was young as well as fit and considered herself completely healthy. No one in his family had cancer, there was no family history regarding this disease. Thyroid, an important gland of the body, is found in the neck. It produces hormones that regulate metabolism, energy level, heart rate and body temperature.

Christina said that 4 important symptoms should be monitored and they should never be ignored. In the Facebook reel, he said that I had mild symptoms for several weeks and had ignored them. But my husband Matthew McKnight forced me to go to the doctor. I used to feel that due to my promotion in the job, I have more work on me and because of this there has been a change. Christina has written in her post that I really had to go to the doctor. My husband felt that I was struggling a bit too much with all the symptoms. McKnight said she thought her symptoms were due to stress after she received a job promotion. However, fatigue, brain fog, dry skin and brittle hair were all signs of something more sinister.

Was healthy, ran a half marathon, never thought I would get cancer

According to Independent, Christina said that no one in my family has had cancer or thyroid problems. I had never even thought about cancer. I was young, fit and healthy. I ran a half marathon and did CrossFit for three years. Even when I started feeling tired and started feeling like brain fog, I thought it was all because of my promotion. Christina said that thankfully my doctor recognized the symptoms, listened to my words and did a thorough checkup. He had already treated a thyroid cancer patient a few days back. The doctor found a lump on my neck that I didn’t know about. The treatment started as soon as the disease was identified. When the reports of ultrasound and biopsy came, it was confirmed that thyroid is cancer.

It’s also hard to prepare for treatment
Christina told that after being a cancer patient, when it was said that the thyroid, an important gland of the body, would have to be removed, then I could not prepare at all. Well, he had to be taken out after an operation. This was followed by radioactive iodine ablation treatment. So that any remnants of the gland can be removed. A year later, she is fit again. However, she now has to undergo thyroid replacement injections to replace the hormones.

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