Ajit Doval | Ulema’s important role in dealing with radicalism: Ajit Doval – News X

Ajit Doval |  Ulema’s important role in dealing with radicalism: Ajit Doval
– News X

New Delhi: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said on Tuesday that the Ulema has an important role in educating people about the basic tolerant and moderate principles of Islam and countering radicalization with progressive ideas.

Addressing a session on ‘Role of Ulema in promoting a culture of inter-religious peace and social harmony in India and Indonesia’, Doval said, “Let us come together to strengthen our shared ideas of moving away from radicalisation.” need work.”

Significantly, Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mohammad Mahfud is on a visit to India from Monday. He is accompanied by a 24-member delegation, which includes Ulema and other religious leaders. The Indonesian delegation held discussions on various topics with their Indian counterparts here at the India Islamic Centre.

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In his opening address, Doval said that extremism and terrorism are against the meaning of Islam, as Islam means peace and security. He said, “There is no place in a democracy for hate speech, prejudice, propaganda, violence, conflict and misuse of religion for trivial reasons. ,

He underlined that India and Indonesia have been victims of terrorism and separatism. He said that while these challenges have been addressed to a large extent, cross-border and ISIS inspired terrorism remains a threat. “Civil society cooperation is essential to counter the threat posed by ISIS inspired individual terror cells,” Doval said.


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