Air India Republic Day offer you can travel just at 1700 rupees check routes with fare – Business News India

Air India Republic Day offer you can travel just at 1700 rupees check routes with fare – Business News India

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Air India Offer: If you are planning to travel by air in the coming days, then there is good news for you. Actually, Air India, the airline company of Tata Group, has announced cheap tickets on the occasion of Republic Day. Where you will be able to travel by air at a starting price of Rs.1705 only. Let’s know what is the offer and from when till when will you be able to travel?

What is the offer?
Air India has brought ‘Fly Air India’ sale for its passengers on the occasion of Republic Day (Republic day 2023). Under this, passengers can book tickets at cheap rates. Under this offer, you can book tickets for travel from 1 February to 30 September 2023. For this, you have to book today before 12 midnight on 23rd January. Please note that this offer is for domestic travel only.

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What did the company say?
These concessional tickets will be available for economy class and will be applicable for travel on the domestic network in India from February 1 to September 30, 2023, Air India said in a statement. Under the offer, passengers will be able to book tickets for more than 49 domestic destinations. It will start at Rs 1705. This fare is one-way. The company said, whether it is your dream holiday family tour or a business trip… there is an offer for everyone.

How much fare for which route?
Route Fare (in Rs.)

Delhi to Mumbai 5075
Chennai to Delhi 5,895
Bangalore to Mumbai 2,319
Delhi to Udaipur 3,680
Delhi to Goa 5,656
Delhi to Port Blair 8,690
Delhi to Srinagar 3,730
Ahmedabad to Mumbai 1,806
Goa to Mumbai 2,830
Dimapur to Guwahati 1,783

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From where can you book?
Under the offer, you can book tickets through all city offices, airport offices, website and mobile app.



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